WS14A Decorator Companion Switch

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What is the WS14A Wall Switch?
The WS14A is a companion switch only. It does not operate on its own and does require a X10 Master Switch like the WS12A Decorator Dimmer Switch or the WS13A 20Amp Relay Switch. This unit is used in 3-way and 4-way configurations. In conjuction with the master switch, this 3-way set allows you to replace your current 3-way set so you can automate those lights or appliances and incorporate them into your X10 Setup!

What are the advantages of using the WS14A Wall Switch?
The WS14A comes with the following benefits:

  • Both White and Ivory paddles to better match your decor
  • Allow Remote functioning of 3-way lights and appliances (with master) with any X10 Controller
  • Easy and simple installation.
  • 120 Day Manufacturers Warranty

What other products work with the WS14A Wall Switch?
If you are looking to replace a switch that is in a 3-Way configuration (two switches operate the same light), use the WS12A Decorator Dimmer Switch or WS13A 20Amp Relay Switch as the Primary Switch.  If you want to control this switch remotely, check out our Controller Section.


CONTROLLERS WS13A WS12A              
X10 Controllers




X10 Product No.: WS14A
Whats Included: (1) Companion Dimmer Switch (WS14A) 
(1) Set interchangeable paddle switch covers
Compatibility: Use with X10 compatible transmitter and any standard toggle trim plate (each sold separately).
Power Load: 120V/AC @ 60W to 500W
Compatible Load Type: Incandescent only
Product Manual



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