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With the addition of one or more WS14A Companion Switches the WS12A X10 Decorator Dimmer Switch Module can be expanded to work with 3-way and 4-way switches. The WS12A X10 Decorator Dimmer Switch Module connects like any standard switch and uses your own switch plate, or o ne that may be easily purchased at any local hardware or big box store.

The WS12A Switch functions as a local dimmer and on/off switch. Simply maintain pressure on the bottom of the paddle to dim lights, release and press again to brighten. There is need to dim completely before brightening the light. And with Resume Dimming, your lights will remember the level they were previously dimmed to, brightening to that level on their next use. The WS12A Switch is made with the new the Soft Start feature. It eliminates the sudden brightness that can be uncomfortable and disorienting. When switched on, lights fade up gradually in about 2 seconds. A gradual dimming fade of approximately 2 seconds creates a pleasant effect, as opposed to instant darkness when the time comes to shut your lights off.

With the simple and accessible X10 wall switch anyone in your home can control your fixtures locally. With an X10 remote, like the HR12A PalmPad Remote Control, the WS12A Switch responds to the All Lights On and All Units Off commands, and allows you to remotely dim and brighten incandescent bulbs via X10 wireless remotes, plug-in controllers and even WiFi controllers like the WM100 WiFi HUB.

Install the WS12A Switch on an outdoor fixture and turn on your porch light with the KR19A Keychain Remote to avoid navigating steps in the dark. X10 Switch Modules even allow you to light up the whole house with a single command for an instant welcome or increased safety. Or, give any room in your house a relaxed, inviting atmosphere with modern dimming effects. By connecting you to the fixtures in your home, helps you reduce your energy consumption and save money. The WS12A Switch makes turning everything off a breeze with your X10 wireless remote or timed plug-in controllers, like the MT14A Mini Timer.

Please be aware that the WS12A X10 Decorator Dimmer Switch Module only works with incandescent bulbs, and will not work properly with other bulbs, such as compact fluorescents. The XPS4 Decorator Light Switch work well with other bulbs and allow you to include all your wired fixtures on your X10 system. Check out the X10 Pro line for the next level of X10 modules (accompanied with a 2 year warranty!)


X10 Product No.: WS12A
What's Included: (1) X10 Decorator Dimmer Switch (WS12A/RWS17),   (1) Set of interchangeable white/ivory paddle switch covers (Trim plate not included)
Compatibility: X10 compatible
Wattage Load: 500 Watts maximum load, 40 Watts minimum 
Compatible Load Type: Incandescent
Power Rating: 120VAC/60Hz
Downloads: Product Manual



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