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X10 PRO and Home Automation Dealer Program

We love Dealers and Installers! Our Programs offer GREAT discounts for both dealers and distributors. Installing X10 provides a lot of additional functionality at an ultra-low cost to the installer, providing large margins and gains over simply installing regular switches and modules. Resellers generally fall into one of two categories: Dealers and Distributors.


  An X10 Authorized Dealer is an installer or a reseller that sells directly to the consumer and does not expect to stock an ample supply of X10 PRO-USA products. Most Installers fall under our Dealer Program. With X10, Installers can add a lot of fun and functionality to their installs. It impresses the customer and does so at a minimal cost to the installer, creating a happy customer and great margins. Win, Win.
  An X10 Authorized Distributor is either a non-installing wholesaler that sells to professional contractors or a reseller that sells directly to the consumer; an X10 authorized distributor is expected to stock an ample supply of X10 products. X10 is the most affordable way to get Home Automation in homes. We are able to provide large discounts and great margins to our distributors due to their order sizes.


If you are a Dealer or an Installer looking for better pricing on larger quantities, simply:

- Click HERE to email us for information about the program.


- Download and fill out our Dealer Application HERE
- Please attach and EMAIL the Dealer Application or FAX it to (813) 782-5455


Set up is simple, and the savings are great. Inquire about being a supplier to get started!