MT14A 64-Event LCD Mini Timer

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The new MT14A has been greatly improved over the previous generation! Here is how:
The MT13A used an older LCD technology. We have swapped out the screens for a new LCD that has GREATLY improved viewing angles. The screen is now bright and legible from all angles. The information is clear and legible. It is indeed a much improved display.

The AC adapter also got some attention! We have included a signal booster in the AC Adapter (which is now a little larger as result). This sends out the X10 signal up to 4x STRONGER than the previous MT13A. This means electrical noise on your houses wiring (cause by things like TV's, fridges, Alternative lighting, etc) is not as much of a problem. The X10 signal is strong enough to overcome most issues of noise on the line.

The new MT14A is better looking, easier to read and more reliable!

Talented Mini Timer Alarm Clock Controls Lights, Appliances & Helps Ensure Your Family is Protected!
Adding this simple & powerful device to your X10 home automation setup will allow you to easily set up timed events like turning lights& appliances on and off.

With the 64-Event X10 Mini Timer, you'll be able to schedule up to eight lights to turn on and off automatically. Awaken to lights and sound in the morning, set your house lights to switch off automatically after you leave for work to save energy and have then turn on again when you are due back so you won't have to arrive home to a dark house.

The possibilities are limitless with this intelligent little timer and your array of X10 appliance & light modules. You can even select the "security" mode and have lights turn on and off at different times of the day to simulate an occupied home when you are away.

  • Timer will control up to eight (8) X10 lights and appliances
  • Security mode turns lights on and off at random times within a time frame for a more lived-in look
  • Built-in alarm clock awakens with buzzer


X10 Product No.: MT14A
What's Included: X10 64-Event LCD Mini Timer 
Power Supply : 120VAC @ 60Hz + Two (2) AA backup battery (sold separately)
Downloads: Product Manual



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