KR19A Keychain Remote Control

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With this Sleek pocket remote you can turn on lights as you pull into the driveway!
X10's keychain remotes have long been a favorite for control and convenience. The SlimFire Keychain Remote turns on and off two lamps or appliances and brightens and dims lights connected to any X10 Lamp Module or Wall Switch Module.

This tiny Keychain Remote control has 4 buttons that controls X10 addresses 1 and 2 or 5 and 6 on any of the 16 house codes. The bottom 2 buttons control the dim and bright of the last unit turned on.

Tiny, functional & so easy to program!
To change the Housecode, simply hold down the (top) ON button for 3 seconds. After the LED light flashes, press and release the (top) ON button the appropriate number of times for the Housecode you want to set. Once for A, twice for B, etc. The LED blinks for each press.

To change the unit code: Press and hold the (top) OFF button for 3 seconds. The red LED blinks back the current code. Press and release the top OFF button the appropriate number of times for the Unit Code you want. 1 time for Unit Code 1, 2 times for 2, 16 times for 16. The bottom button (lower) will automatically become 1 unit code higher than the top. (For example, if the top button is A5, then the bottom button will be A6)

This device requires an RF transceiver to transmit X10 signals wirelessly to other X10 control modules.


X10 Product No.: KR19A
What's Included: (1) X10 Keychain Remote Control
Power Supply: 3V lithium battery (included)
X10 Control: Dim Lights, On/Off, All On/Off Capable
Dimensions: 1.5" wide, 2.2" long, and .5" thick
Downloads: Product Manual

Note: This device requires an RF transceiver to transmit X10 signals wirelessly to other X10 control modules


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