XPSS Decorator Companion Wall Swtich

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The XPSS X10 Pro Decorator Companion Wall Switch Module brings management of multiple wired-in, large appliances and light fixtures into your home X10 system. The switch replaces your standard wall switch or switches in both 3-way and 4-way set-ups, for complete local and remote X10 control of heaters, air conditioners, pool equipment and other high-power devices, as well as incandescent and non-incandescent light bulbs. It can either be paired with your current switch plate or one available at any local hardware or big box store. The XPSS Pro Companion Switch can be used in addition to the WS12A, XPD3, XPS4 and the XPDI3 switch modules in 3-way and 4-way applications.

This switch is a companion switch and it requires a WS12A, WS13AXPD3-IW, XPS4-IW, or XPDI3-IW master switch for operation.


X10 Product No.: XPSS
What's Included: (1) Companion Dimmer Switch (XPSS),  (1) Set interchangeable paddle switch covers
Compatibility: Use with X10 compatible transmitter and any standard toggle trim plate (each sold separately).
Power Load: 120V/AC @ 60W to 500W
Downloads: Product Manual

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