PLM04 Lamp Module

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What is the PLM04 Lamp Module?
The PLM04 is the successor to the popular PRO Lamp Module, the PLM01!

The PLM04 Lamp Module makes adding X10 on/off and dimming control to your higher wattage lights simple & easy. It offers instant plug-in control of incandescent bulbs rated 40-300 watts and offers dimming control (with Automatic Gain Control) even if the lamp wasn't able to dim before. This module also responds to "All Lights On" command - a feature you have come to expect from X10 Pro gear.

What are the advantages of using the XPD3 Wall Switch?

  • AGC Automatic Gain Control helps reduce electrical noise surrounding the unit, making it more reliable!
  • Instantly makes any lamp Automated!
  • Dimming Capabilities for your dimmable bulbs
  • 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty

What other products work well with this?
This is an X10 command receiver. Any X10 controller (or transmitter) will be able to control this module.


X10 PRO Controllers

X10 Product No.: PLM04
Whats Included: (1) X-10 Pro Plug-in Lamp Module
Wattage: 40-3 Watts (Lamps rated below 40W may flicker or operate erratically)
Range: 100 Feet