HR12A PalmPad Remote Control

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What is the HR12A Hand Remote?
The HR12A Hand Remote is One of the most popular wireless remotes as it can control 16 different X10 Addresses. You can even have multiple devices on one X10 address, so you can control many many different devices with this one remote. The HR12A even has dimming functions so you can dim dimmable lighting with a dimmable X10 switch or module. This controller is RF (Radio Frequency) and does not require any type of line of sight to operate.

Dim the lights, turn off a radio, turn on a hallway light, do it all from your couch with this awesome handheld remote!

What are the advantages of using the HR12A Hand Remote?
The KR19A comes with the following benefits:

  • Mobile operation and automation of lights and appliances
  • Control up to 16 different X10 addresses from one remote
  • Dimming Capabilities
  • Must use a transceiver
  • 120 Day Manufacturers Warranty

What other products work with the HR12A Hand Remote?
The HR12A is a wireless controller. In order for the signal to reach all the X10 modules, it does require at least one Wireless Transceiver for your home. The TM751 Wireless Transceiver is our most popular one. The HR12A can control any X10 Receiver (lamp module, Appliance Module, Light Switch, Etc)


X10 Modules
X10 Switches
X10 Receptacles
TM751 Transceiver



X10 Product No.: HR12A
Whats Included: (1) X10 PalmPad Remote Control
Power Rating: 4 AAA batteries (not included)
X10 Control: Dim Lights, On/Off, All On/Off Capable
Product Manual



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