X10 Basics

X10 Protocol Basics: Wireless & Wired

Wireless Home AutomationWireless: The heartbeat of a wireless X10 Home Automation set-up is the Wireless Transceiver (TM751). The Transceiver receives Wireless RF signals from wireless remotes like a Slimline Switch (SS13A) then sends that signal through your homes existing powerlines (sounds like magic huh?) then triggers modules that are attached to your lamps and appliances (LM465, LM15A, AM466, AM486). This signal then turns them off, on or dims them to a level you choose.


Wired Home AutomationWired: With a kit like the MiniTimer Starter Kit it directly sends a signal through the existing powerline which triggers modules that are attached to your lamps and appliances (LM465, LM15A, AM466, AM486). This signal then turns them off, on or dims them to a level you choose.

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X10 Home Security Systems

MiniTimer Control Kit:

An Alarm Clock That Controls Your Home

You've probably seen light timers you have to wire in and other complicated home automation systems that allow you to control and schedule lights and appliances. The X10 MiniTimer does all that stuff as well. Here's the difference: In order to set it up, take it out of the box, plug it in and PRESTO, you've got Home Automation! We'll be surprised if it even takes you five minutes to set up. No joke! Find Out More About the MiniTimer Kit (MT13A)

X10 Driveway Sensor Kit

X10 Wireless Starter Kit:

Add Simplicity and Convenience to Your Home

The NEW X10 Wireless Starter Kit comes with everything you need to get started using X10 for wireless Home Automation! It comes with a KR19A Keychain Remote, TM751 Transceiver and a LM465 Incandescent Lamp Module. Simply plug in the transceiver, plug in a lamp to the LM465 and plug it into the wall and you are up and running in seconds! The KR19A will even allow you to DIM the incandescent light! You can also plug in a unit to the bottom of the transceiver for ON and OFF operations, in essence, giving you two addresses to control with your KR19A! Find Out More About the X10 Wireless Starter Kit

X10 Driveway Sensor Kit

Driveway Sensor Alert Kit:

Don't Be Caught Offguard by Unexpected Guests

One of our most popular starter kits of all time! The Driveway Sensor Kit has a ton of functionality built in with minimal set-up. The most popular way to use the Driveway Sensor Kit is to detect company in the driveway or on the front porch. But there are literally hundreds of uses for this amazing kit. Use it to detect anyone in your back yard, your back door or sliding glass door. Use it to let you know when the mail has arrived or when anyone goes near your backyard shed or garage. The best part is it includes the Wireless Transceiver (TM751) the backbone of X10 Home Automation allowing you to combine this kit with any other X10 Home Automation Kits and Products. Find Out More About the Driveway Sensor Alert Kit

MAX X10 Home Automation Kit

MAX Home Automation Kit:

Jump into Home Automation with Both Feet!

Flexibility, fun and a great way to get into X10 Home Automation. The MAX X10 Home Automation Kit comes with enough gear to outfit most any light or appliance in your home. Whether it's taking total control of your bedroom, living room or dining room lights and dimming them to the perfect level remotely or using it to control your favorite fan that keeps you cool in the hot summer months from a distance. With the MAX kit the limit really is only your imagination. Oh, and did I mention it is incredibly easy to set-up and get started. All you have to do is plug in the brains of the operation, the Wireless Transceiver (TM751), plug in a lamp and BAM, you now are a wireless wizard. Not only is X10 Home Automation amazingly practical but frankly, it's very fun! Find Out More About the MAX X10 Home Automation Kit