X10 Controller Kit | Includes Mini Timer Controller, Wireless KeyChain Controller and Transceiver.

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Buy the MT14A Mini timer and get a KR19A Keychain controller and TM751 Transceiver for just $5!

THIS IS A LIMITED TIME DEAL! Whether you are expanding your current X10 or just getting in to X10 Home Automation, this kit is an amazing value! These items together cost $94.97! Pick up this deal for 42% OFF our everyday prices! This deal is limited and available only while supplies last.

With this kit you get:

MT14A Plug In Mini Timer
KR19A Keychain Remote Control
TM751 Wireless Transceiver (necessary for wireless operation in the home and can also be controlled via the KR19A)

This is a controller only kit. The MT14A is a tabletop controller with timer functionality and the Transceiver and Keychain remote offer wireless control. This kit is mostly purchased to expand your X10 system and offer adidtional ways to control your X10 receivers. Note: MT14A minitimer does not control transceivers.

Hundreds of Uses - Customize your Schedule

You will be able to schedule up to 64 home automation events per day with the MiniTimer. Want a fresh pot of coffee to brew at 6:30 AM and the lights to fade on at 7? No problem! Want your porch lights to turn on at dusk and off at sunrise each morning? Easy! Want to deter intruders while you're away on vacation? Set your lights to come on and off at random times so it always looks like someone is home. You can set every light and appliance in your home to run on a schedule! There are just too many uses to list them all!

One-Touch Control

It even works as a simple X10 plug-in controller. You'll have instant control of up to 8 lights and appliances anywhere in your house! Control your fan, porch light, bedroom light and radio with the touch of a button without even getting out of bed or off of the couch. You don't even need a Transceiver!

Easy Plug-In Setup

Forget complicated wiring and tons of extra pieces to set up. You don't even need a PC. With the NEW LCD MiniTimer, all you have to do is plug it in and presto, you've got Home Automation! We'll be surprised if it even takes you five minutes to set up. No joke!


The MiniTimer even comes equipped with dim/brighten buttons, so you can adjust the brightness of your favorite lights with the touch of a button!

Sleek LCD Screen

It also comes with a sleek, built-in LCD screen, which not only displays the time, but also the house code and on/off status of eight devices which you control from the top of the MiniTimer. And, with the GreenGlow feature, you will be able to see the time and status in the dark! Plus, it shows you the status of a light or appliance. Did you remember to turn on the porch light or turn off the bathroom light? Did you remember to turn off the basement light or the electric tea kettle after dinner? Your MiniTimer knows and displays it right on the LCD screen.

The Do-It-All Alarm Clock

And there's a BONUS FEATURE! If you want to wake up to an alarm clock, it doubles as an alarm clock too! It's built nice and compact so that it won't take up much space on your nightstand.

What are you waiting for? Add the do-it-all MiniTimer today! 

  • Control up to 8 lights/appliances directly from MiniTimer
  • Schedule up to 64 events
  • Doubles as an alarm clock
  • All On/All Off Buttons to turn on/off everything with one touch
  • LCD screen displays time, status of lights/appliances and house code


    KIT Includes:
    1 (One) x TM751 Wireless Transceiver Module   +$0.00
    1 (One) x KR19A Keychain Remote Control   +$0.00
    1 (One) x MT14A 64-Event LCD Mini Timer ( New MT13A)


    Product Manual

    Note: The MT14A will not control the TM751 transceiver in this packaged deal as that is not how transceivers work.  This KIT is simply meant to give you more control over your current X10 products,

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