WS18A NEW Push Button Dimmable Wall Switch - Works with LED bulbs

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The WS18A has the same look and feel as the popular WS469, but can control and DIM alternative lighting (like LED, Halogen, Incandescent, etc).  The WS18A also has our LED indicator light that will faintly glow in the dark to help you locate the switch on the wall.  If you prefer the decorator (paddle) style switches, you can opt for the XPDi3 instead.

This switch may be used in single pole applications, simply cap off the red traveler wire. Please consider that lamps rated below 6W may flicker or operate erratically with this switch and should not be used.  This switch does require a neutral wire.


X10 Product No.: WS18A
What's Included: (1) X10 Push Button Dimmer, (1) Set installation hardware
X10 Power Rating: 120 VAC, 500W, 5A
Color: White
Downloads: Product Manual

Note:  Neutral wire required for inductive dimming.

Compatible with X10 Companion (slave) Wall Switch for 3 and 4-way circuits (CS277)

If your incandescent or halogen lights aren't working and dimming properly with two-wire dimmer switches, this three-wire switch will usually solve the problem.

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