SR227 X10 SuperSocket Receptacle

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Control your lights & appliances from any room in your house!
Get the contemporary, clean look and remote control capabilities all in one!

The SuperSocket module gives you X10 control for plug-in appliances with a customized, built-in look.

X10 control on top, bottom outlet is always live!

In areas of your house that have high visibility, use X10 SuperSocket Receptacle Modules (SR227) for a clean, finished look.

The SuperSocket Module gives you great X10 control: it responds to ON/OFF and ALL UNITS OFF (but not to ALL LIGHTS ON or DIM/BRIGHT commands) but controlled devices may still be turned off and on with their own switches.


X10 Product No.: SR227
What's Included:  (1) X10 SuperSocket Receptacle Module
Power Load: Rated at 15A 120V
Controllable Devices: Fluorescent Lights, Air conditioners, Hot tubs, Computers, Coffeemakers, Radios, Electric blankets, Water heaters, Battery chargers, Fountains and pool pumps, Vacuum cleaners
Downloads:  Product Manual



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