LM15A Socket Rocket Screw-In Lamp Module

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Choose the LM15A X10 Socket Rocket Screw-in Lamp Module for an easy to install and reliable module when your looking to extend your X10 system into tight spots and fashionable fixtures. There's no need to exclude any light from your home automation plan. The LM15A Lamp Module will respond to On/Off, All Lights On, and All Units Off commands. It requires an X10 controller to function.

You program the LM15A X10 Socket Rocket Screw-in Lamp Module on the first use and with ease. Screw it into any light fixture, screw in the bulb, turn on the power, and send it a code from any X10 Controller like the HR12A X10 PalmPad Wireless Remote Control Module. Send the code a total of three times, and once the same code is received for the third time, the light comes on to let you know that the code is set. It will remember this code indefinitely, regardless of power failures. Set a new code by removing then reconnecting the power, and then sending a new code three times.

For increased safety or a warm welcome, illuminate your home with the All Lights On command. Install an X10 Plug-in Controller, like the MT14A Plug-in Mini Controller, in your bedroom or central location and shut all modules down for the night form one convenient location with the All Units Off command.


X10 Product No.: LM15A
Weight: 0.20 lbs.
Downloads: Product Manual

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