KR22A CreditCard Thin Remote Control

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New Longer Range!
We have developed a new antenna that can boost the range of RF Signal, increasing the range of these wireless units!

This Signal Boost increases the range and reliability of your X10 system. Must be used in conjunction with any X10 Transceiver.

X10's Most Powerful Pocket Remote!
X10 keychain and pocket remotes have long been enjoyed by millions of happy X10 Customers for ultraconvenient control, safety and fun. With its elegant, sleek design and additional buttons to control even more lights and appliances, the X10 4-Unit Credit Card Remote (KR22A) brings added excitement to home control!

This powerful little remote controls up to four sets of lights and appliances connected to any X10 Lamp or Appliance Module or any other X10 receiver.

The KR22A Credit Card Remote also brightens and dims lights controlled by your X10 installation!

Feel Safe When You Arrive Home
Arriving home alone at night can be nerve racking, but you can enhance your sense of security by turning your lights on from your car before entering your home. The X10 4-Unit Credit Card Remote will allow you to control the X10 lights in your living room, kitchen, and porch right from your driveway with the press of a button.

Control Any X10 Appliance Too!
With the X10 4-Unit Credit Card Remote your control is not limited to just the lights - numerous X10 appliances can be activated from up to 100 feet away! The possibilities are endless: Close the drapes or turn on your stereo - whatever makes your homecoming most ideal for you. 

This device requires an X10 transceiver to transmit X10 signals wirelessly to other X10 control modules.


X10 Product No.: KR22A
What's Included: (1) X10 4-Unit Credit Card Remote
Power Supply: 3V lithium battery (included)
X10 Control: Dim Lights, On/Off, All On/Off Capable
Downloads: Product Manual

Note: This device requires an X10 transceiver to transmit X10 signals wirelessly to other X10 control modules.



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