X10 Software Activehome PRO: setup_AHP.zip   (13.8Mb)

This will install SW31A ONLY  No additional plug-ins are available at this time.**** PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING PRIOR TO DOWNLOADING AND INSTALLING

  • You will not be able to register this software - ActiveHome PRO does not need to be registered for it to be fully functional - you will be prompted to register each time you run the program. Simply select “CLOSE” when prompted and you are done.
  • While we no longer support the PC version of ActiveHome also know as AHP, we do fully support the WM100 WiFi HUB, which has many of the same features and does not require a PC.  If you have an Android or Apple phone or tablet, check out our new WM100 WiFi module and control your X10 right from these devices!