About X10

The X10 and X10 Pro product lines are the original home automation source for end-users, installers, contractors and the do-it-yourself market. X10 began manufacturing home automation components in the late 1970's and has been the de facto standard since its inception. Other products have come and gone, but X10 and X10 Pro have stood the test of time. Reliability and ease of use are the primary reasons these product lines have been going strong for over 40 years.

Authinx has been in business since 2001. We are firmly committed to supporting the X10 community of users, whether you are a loyal X10 customer or just now discovering the benefits of X10 products. As we expand our production capacity, our goal is to provide an unparalleled level of service to our customers. We are currently in the process of adding additional staff to make this happen.

In order for us to continue reaching X10 brand customers, we purchased the x10.com domain name in the fall of 2013. Although the site name is the same as before, we are not associated with the former X10 WTI company.

Now, as the largest supplier of X10 home automation products in North America, Authinx will be able to continue providing home automation enthusiasts both the products and the support which they need. Our commitment to the home automation market is our guiding principle as we continue to invest in the X10 and X10 Pro product lines. X10 is the original home automation product, and Authinx is dedicated to making it the next generation of home automation products both for existing customers as well as for future customers.

On the Horizon

We are trying to fully bring X10 back online and make improvements to what was already there. Below are some of the things which we are working on here at X10.com:

  • Reactivation of the ActiveHome Software - ActiveHome servers are currently offline. X10 WTI had this software hosted on dedicated servers. During X10 WTI's bankruptcy, these servers were shut down, and much of the data was apparently lost. We are working with networking and database professionals to try to gather this broken data and to get ActiveHome back online. We are doing all we can to re-enable this software for past and future X10 customers.
  • UPDATE - You can find and download the ActiveHome Software HERE. Please read the item description for more information.

  • Bringing back New and Improved Airsight Cameras - Airsight cameras were affordable IP Cameras with a lot of integrated functionality. We are working to improve the experience with including EasyScan functionality on all cameras to make setup a much easier process. We will be receiving an initial shipment of indoor, outdoor and HD cameras from the manufacturer shortly. We will be certain to advertise them on our front page once they become available for purchase.
  • UPDATE - The New Airsights are NOW AVAILABLE HERE!

  • Improving the Overall Functionality and Design of the Core X10 Automation Units - We plan to continue to improve on the already successful X10 Home Automation Units. This means improving functionality, reliability and even aesthetics of the X10 Switches, Modules and Controllers. We are starting with the XPS3 Relay Switch. This is one of the more popular X10 switches. It can control incandescent and alternative lighting like Halogen, LED, and Fluorescent bulbs. It can also control appliances. We are replacing that relay with a quieter and more reliable relay that also has AGC (Automatic Gain Control). The AGC will help improve noise levels surrounding the switch to help the switch receive X10 signals. The new relay will also make the switch operate at a much quieter level.
  • UPDATE - This will be an ongoing process, but we are very close to the release of the new, updated XPS3 Decorator Relay 20A Wall Switch. We will be naming it the XPS4, and it has a quieter relay, firmer design and AGC (automatic gain control) built in to help combat line noise directly around the switch. This unit will be much quieter than the current switch, and it feels better as well. As soon as this unit is available, we will send out an email newsletter and feature it on our main homepage. We are excited for you to get your hands on these improved switches!

  • NEW and Exciting X10 Products - X10 is the 'Grandfather' of Home Automation. Although the product is still as brilliant as it was when it was introduced in the 1970's, there is more that can be done to help bring it into the future. We are starting with a wifi module. We want to circumvent the need for a desktop computer to control your home automation. This unit will work with your Wi-Fi to control your home automation and X10 from any of your smart phones and portable devices via an app which is also in development. We have just started the initial phases of this device, and we are excited for its potential. Following with the same spirit of X10, we are trying to make this unit as affordable as possible. We have no date planned yet for this device, but we will make an announcement once we have additional details.
  • UPDATE - Just a quick update! We received our first prototype of the WiFi module. There is a lot to do yet, with both the WiFi Module and the App associated with it, but we are very excited for the progress of this unit and are doing what we can to move this project along so we can get it into your hands.

  • We Want YOUR Input! - We want to hear about ideas you have and any implementations or changes you would like to see! If you have an idea, please TELL US ABOUT IT!