X10 WiFi HUB for Android and Apple devices - WM100

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The X10 WiFi unit is here! Now, control all your same X10 units you have grown to love from your Apple or Android smart device anywhere you have internet access!

With the WM100 X10 WiFi module you will be able to setup, use and control any of the 256 X10 codes. You can set timers and repeat those timers weekly, you can set devices to turn on or off at Dawn/Dusk. You can even set a "security" feature to any device to give an empty home a more lived in look.

You can also set up Rooms. Rooms allow you to group your X10 devices conveniently by location and you can even control or turn on the entire room with just one click. Rooms are a great way for people that have multiple X10 devices spread out across their home to stay organized!

With the WM100 X10 WiFi App, we are also introducing Scenes. Scenes let you setup multiple actions with just one press. For instance, if you are headed to bed, you can hit the "Sleep" scene you setup earlier and have it turn all your lights off, turn on a hallway nightlight, and turn on a fan or window AC unit. Scenes can also do advanced functions like delays and Dim/Bright. For instance, if you are waking up in the morning, but don't want the bright lights immediately, setup a "Wake" scene to help you! Have the scene turn on a lamp to 40% brightness, wait 5 minutes, then turn onyour bedroom light, turn off your fan and turn on your radio. You can do all this in Scenes!

This HUB communicates with your homes WiFi router wirelessly, so you can plug it into any outlet within 100ft of your router! Setup is also pretty simple. Simply download the "X10 WiFi" app from the google or apple appstores and be guided through an onscreen setup. You will be guided to connect the X10 WiFi HUB with your router. Once a connection has been made, you can then start adding your X10 modules. This WiFi Hub does work with all your older X10 models as well, so no need to buy new ones!


  • Control up to 32 of all the different possible 256 X10 codes
  • Organize all your devices by giving them Names instead of relying on the codes (A1, F3, etc)
  • Control all your devices with All ON and ALL OFF functionalities
  • Easily create multiple timers per device
  • Simple to edit and delete timers as necessary
  • Organize your devices into “Rooms” for clearer and easier access
  • Control the entire “Room” with the “All Room ON/OFF” buttons
  • Create more complex commands with the “Scenes” tab
  • Access to On/Off, Dim/Brighten and delays to create scenes tailored for you
  • Over the Air firmware updates as necessary
  • X10 Command History gives the advanced user the ability to look at the past 50 commands heard by the WM100, doubling as a great troubleshooting tool
  • Simple setup of secondary devices. After the first device is setup, other device setup is a breeze
  • Multiple users can control the WM100 simultaneously
  • The WM100 has an active ‘sense’ technology that will adjust the status of the devices in the app regardless of if the signal was sent from the WM100 or any other source (like a hand remote)
  • The built in memory means the WM100 retains your settings (devices, timers, etc) even if the unit is not powered.
  • NOTE: WM100 does not transmit or receive regular RF or X10 Security RF signals.

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