PLM04 PRO 2-Pin Lamp Module

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The PLM04 is the successor to the popular PRO Lamp Module, the PLM01!

The PLM04 Lamp Module makes adding X10 on/off and dimming control to your higher wattage lights simple & easy. It offers instant plug-in control of incandescent bulbs rated 40-300 watts and offers dimming control (with Automatic Gain Control) even if the lamp wasn't able to dim before. This module also responds to "All Lights On" command - a feature you have come to expect from X10 Pro gear.


X10 Product No.: PLM04
What's Included: (1) X-10 Pro Plug-in Lamp Module
Wattage: 40-300 Watts (Lamps rated below 40W may flicker or operate erratically)
Downloads: Product Manual

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