PMC01 X10 PRO Mini Controller

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A Compact Controller Perfect for Tight Spaces

This X10 Mini-Controller2 plug-in 8-unit controller gives you remote control of your entire home from any location where there is a wall socket and its small form-factor means that its perfect for nightstands, telephone tables, entryway tables, or any place were space is limited.

This compact, value-priced mini controller lets you command up to 8 different X10-compatible receivers, including lamp and appliance modules, wall outlets and universal modules.

The PMC01 features 'All On', 'All Off' and dimming switches for convenient X10 lighting control and can also be used to control X10 lamp and appliance modules, wall outlets and cameras. (The Mini-Controller2 does not require a transmitter). There's even a built-in LED X10 signal indicator so you'll know instantly if your commands are being carried out.

You can also use the Mini-Controller2 to send signals to intelligent 2-way controllers to activate preprogrammed events (macros).

It’s the ideal controller for bedside tables, kitchen, workshop, garage, or home office!


X10 Product No.: PMC01
What's Included: (1) X10 Plug-in Mini Controller2 (White)
Power Supply: 110V AC outlet
Downloads: Product Manual

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