MS18A X10 Smart Security Motion Detector

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The new and improved SMART Motion Detectors are completely wireless and run on two AA batteries, with a 30-40 foot detection range. 

Set them up in your upstairs and downstairs hallways or in the basement stairwell. Any motion detected will trigger your alarm system. You can also set the system in Home Mode, which deactivates the Motion Detectors so you don't trigger the system in the middle of the night. The SMART Motion Detectors also come tamper-resistant. The detector is also small pet-friendly. Small cats and dogs wont trigger the detectors, falsely triggering your system!

The MS18A motion detectors are used with the SC1200 Security System to provide maximum range home security.


X10 Product No.: MS18A
Whats Included: (1) X10 MS18A Security Motion Sensor
Downloads: Product Manual

Note: Must be used in conjunction with the SC1200 Home Security console.


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