XPPF Plug In Filter

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Block Out Noisy High-Current Devices and increase the reliability of your X10 signals with this powerful Noise Filter!

The X10 PRO Plug-in Filter is designed to reduce electrical noise (on power wires) generated from the power supply of an electronic device.

When you see a signal increase (improved operation) upon unplugging an electronic device, then you have detected an offending device (noise generating).

The XPPF is plugged into the wall outlet where the offending device was plugged-in and then plug the electronic device into the XPPF. The X10 Signal will now pass freely throughout the house power system without interference from the electrical noise, which is now reduced by the XPPF Filter.


X10 Product No.: XPPF
What's Included: (1) X10 PRO Plug In Filter
Power Rating: 120 VAC / 5 Amp
Downloads: Product Manual

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