PAT01 16 Channel Transceiver

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Add RF Remote Control to Your X10 Devices

Converts Radio Frequency signals from X10 PRO wireless controllers such as the PHR04 PHW04D, and PHR03 to X10 control signals. 

Now you can easily control lights and appliances from up to 100ft away -  even through walls - with this X10 PRO Transceiver Module. This powerful module works with handheld wireless remote controllers such as the X-10 PRO 16-Plus Remote (PHR03) to control its built-in switched outlet and up to15 additional X10 modules via the powerline. You can also control the Transceiver Module by other X10 powerline controllers such as the X-10 PRO Mini Controller (PMC01)


X10 Product No.: PAT01
What's Included: (1) X-10 Pro 16 Channel Transceiver
Outlet Type: 110 Volt
Compatible Loads: Resistive load: 15A, Motor load: 1/3 HP, Incandescent load: 500W, TV/Stereo: 400W
Range: 100 Feet
Downloads: Product Manual

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