6 Pack AM466 X10 Appliance Module

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What is the AM466 Plug In Appliance Module?
The AM466 is our main 3 Pin Plug In Module. If you need a 2 Pin Module, checkout the AM486 2 Pin version. Simply plug the AM466 into an outlet then plug the unit you wish to control into the receptacle on the bottom side of the AM466. Set the code to match your remote and you are UP and RUNNING!

This plug in module is rated at 15amps, 1/3hp, 500 Watts. It can be used to control things like Fluorescent lighting, Air Conditioners, Hot Tubs, Computers, Radios, Fountains, small pumps and motors, etc. Automate these devices within minutes with the AM466 3-Prong Plug In Module.

Works great for Holiday Lighting.
With all the changes to Christmas and other Holiday Lighting from incandescent bulbs to power saving LED bulbs, the AM466 has become the go-to for the Holidays. The new AM466 is much more quiet than the older version, can control LED power savings lighting strips and is strictly ON/OFF.

What are the advantages of using the AM466 Plug In Appliance Module?
The AM466 comes with the following benefits:

  • Home Automation Capabilities and timed Events
  • Allow Remote function of your lights or appliances with any X10 Controller
  • Easy Programming, anyone can do it!
  • 120 Day Manufacturers Warranty

What other products work with the AM466 Plug In Appliance Module?
The AM466 is a X10 Receiver and will receive commands from any X10 Controller (transmitter).


SKU: AM466
What's Included: (6) X10 Appliance Module 3-Pin Grounded (AM466)
Power Rating: Rated at 15 amps, 1/3 HP, 500 watts
Controllable Devices: LED Lights, Fluorescent Lights, Air conditioners, Hot tubs, Computers, Coffeemakers, Radios, Electric blankets, Hot water heaters, Battery chargers, Fountains and pool pumps, Vacuum cleaners
Manual: Product Manual

Note: These modules are identical to 2-pin X10 appliance modules, but with a 3-pin socket. Use with appliances that have a 3-pin plug (grounded plugs). Each X10 module is given its own address by selecting a letter (house code) and number (unit code) on the 2 dials. Rated for 15 amps, or 1/3 Hp.



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