WS469 Push Button Relay Wall Switch

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This is the Push Button Style X10 Relay Wall Switch! This fits in a normal toggle style wall plate and has a convenient LED system to let you know if the unit is on or off and will also help you find the switch in complete darkness! This is a relay wall switch and will work with all Lighting including Incandescent, LED, Halogen, Fluorescent and more! Installation and Operation are simple. Simply install in existing switches location (requires a Neutral wire), set the dial to the housecode you want to give the unit and operate with your favorite X10 controller!

The unit is rated at 120 Volts 10 Amps / 1000 Watts.

The unit has been designed to have a better construction and feel than previous switches, while also providing additional, useful features like the LED night light to help you locate the switch in the dark!


X10 Product No.: WS469
What's Included: (1) X-10 10-Amp Relay Wall Switch WS469
Compatibility: 10-amp devices at 120V, control up to 1,000 watts
Connection Requirement: Neutral Wire
Downloads: Product Manual

Note: For single-pole applications, leave the "control" terminal unconnected.

Because these switches respond to ALL LIGHTS ON, use care when controlling non-lamp loads. Use an X10 appliance module or wall receptacle if you don't want your device to respond to that command.





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