PLW01 Soft Start Dimmable Wall Switch

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You can now automate your lights and make them dimmable while controlling them remotely!

If you have a standard single pole switch it can now be upgraded. Use this for all the lights in your house including front porch, patio, hallway, and stairway lights.

Your wired lights can now be added to your X10 system with these easy to use X10 PLW01 light switches. All you have to do is replace your old outdated switches by connecting to wires and you are ready to go. You can still control these with the switch but even better now you can use a remote control like the PHR03 PalmPad remote control.

The PLW01 will respond to the ALL LIGHTS ON/ALL UNITS OFF command, and it is also dimmable using any X10 transmitter with DIM/BRIGHT control like the PMC01 mini controller2. Wall plates are not included however they are standard plates which you either already have or available at any hardware store.

The PLW01 switch can be used with standard incandescent lights. All X10 compatible 2-wire dimmer switches and modules rely on the conduction path through the incandescent bulb filament and will not work properly with other bulbs such as compact fluorescent bulbs, however the WS469 Relay Wall Switch will work great.


X10 Product No.: PLW01
What's Included: (1) PLW01 Wall Switch Module - White
Compatibility:  Any standard toggle trim plate (sold separately).
Load Range: 60W to 500W
Compatible Load Type: Incandescent
Color: White
Downloads: Product Manual

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