X10 PAT03/PHR04 Bundle - PRO 16 Channel Transceiver and PRO RF Key Chain Remote

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BUNDLE!!  - PAT03/PHR04 bundle

This is the new version of the PAT01 and has been dramatically improved! We now have a new amplifier in the units internals which boosts the regular X10 signal sent by the PAT03 to up to 10 TIMES the power as before. This means a more powerful and reliable X10 signal. With longer distance and less fuss with electrical noise, the PAT03 is a worthy upgrade for any X10 system!

In addition to a boosted signal, this unit has AGC (Automatic Gain Control). This essentially reduces the noise surrounding the unit, also adding to a more reliable X10 signal through your home!

Add RF Remote Control to Your X10 Devices
Converts Radio Frequency signals from the bundled X10 PRO wireless PHR04 controller to X10 control signals. 

Now you can easily control lights and appliances from up to 100ft away -  even through walls - with this X10 PRO Transceiver Module. 


X10 Product No.: PAT03
What's Included: (1) X-10 Pro 16 Channel Transceiver
Outlet Type: 110 Volt
Compatible Loads: Resistive load: 15A, Motor load: 1/3 HP, Incandescent load: 500W , TV/Stereo: 400W
Range: 100 Feet
Downloads: Product Manual


X10 Product No.: PHR04
What's Included: (1) X10 PRO Keychain Remote
Range: 100 Feet
Dimming Control: Yes
Battery: CR2025 Lithium 3V
Downloads: Product Manual


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