NEW! X10 Linked LB1 Floodlight Outdoor Pan and Tilt 1080P Camera w/ Floodlight

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LB1 with floodlights

Meet the new LB1 Outdoor Pan and Tilt 1080P Pan and Tilt Camera!  It has all the great features you have come to expect from X10 Linked Cameras like HD video, 2-Way Audio, Free Notifications, Audible Siren, SD Card recording, Awesome Nightvision and more!

The LB1 has a rated waterproofing of IP65 and is built to last.  It also comes with dual 2.4Ghz antennas to give you maximum WiFi coverage. Need extra cable?  This cam works with the Linked Cable Extension to offer an additional 15 feet of cabling!


X10 Linked LB1's Main Features
1. 1080P HD Video Pan and Tilt, Night vision 10 meters with FLOODLIGHT
With an ultra crisp 1920*1080 FULL high definition lens, it also houses 8 x IR Nigh Vision nodes providing vision in complete darkness up to 25 feet! As an option, you can also enable the Floodlights!  This cam comes with 6 x LED floodlights that can light a small area in front of the LB1 and help deter or scare off intruders.  You can even enable the floodlights to light when motion is sensed at certain times of the day or night!

2. Dual 2.4Ghz Long Range Antenna
We doubled the antennas on the new LB1! This enables the camera to achieve better coverage when sending its 1080pHD video and fewer dropped videos! Not only can you be automatically notified if motion is sensed, you can log in and record the video straight to your phone, so you have record of it!

3. Durable Weatherproof Shell IP65
Rated at IP65, this housing excels outdoors. With its light colored housing for better cooling, very hard ABS lightweight Plastic and sealed openings, the new LB1 Pan and Tilt has no problem handling the outdoors!

4. 2 Way Audio
The LB1 has both a microphone and speaker for 2-Way audio! The speaker is also waterproof with a waterproofing cover inside the housing! Speak through your phone and have your voice come from the built in speaker on the camera! Warn kids, inquire if everything is ok, or even talk to a pet through this simple system.

5. Pan and Tilt
The LB1 has our advanced Pan and Tilt system! We managed to make the Pan and Tilt feel even better and more responsive! Use the joystick in the app while viewing this camera to move the image side to side and up and down. Position the LB1 Pan and Tilt on the corner of your home and get a view of 2 different sides!

6. OFFLINE video recording
No internet? DVR (digital video recording) equipment can be expensive. This cam has an SD card at the top, no DVR required! You can record directly to the SD Card. A 128GB (max size) card which can hold roughly a month of video. (initial online setup is required, but may then be disconnected)

Package contents
1 x X10 Linked 1080p LB1 Pan and Tilt Outdoor Camera - White
1 x 6.5 ft Power Adapter
1 x Mounting Hardware


User Manual

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