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Save 24%
MS16A ActiveEye Motion Sensor
MS18A X10 Smart Security Motion Detector
Save 15%
MT14A 64-Event LCD Mini Timer ( New MT13A)
Save 33%
MT14A Mini Timer with AM466 Appliance Module Bundle Pack
Save 21%
MT14A MiniTimer and LM465 Lamp Module Packaged Deal
Save 14%
PAM01 2 Pin Appliance Module with AGC
Save 23%
Pam04 Heavy Duty 20-Amp Appliance Module
Save 23%
PAO11 SuperSocket Receptacle
Save 38%
PAT01 16 Channel Transceiver
Save 17%
PAT02 16 Channel Transceiver
Save 9%
PAT03 X10 PRO 16 Channel Transceiver
Save 40%
PCW03 Companion Switch used with PLW02
Save 44%
PCW03-I Companion Switch (Ivory) - X10 PRO
Save 38%
PH508 Home Security PowerHorn Siren
Save 20%
PHR03 Wireless RF PalmPad Remote Control
Save 24%
PHR04 Wireless RF Key Chain Remote Control
Save 28%
PHW04D Slim RF Wall Transmitter Remote Control
Save 34%
PLC01 Powerline Repeater X10
Save 17%
PLM04 PRO 2-Pin Lamp Module
Save 17%
PLW01 Soft Start Dimmable Wall Switch
Save 25%
PLW01-I X10 Pro Wall Switch Module (Ivory)

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