UX23A VCR Commander II

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The new VCR Commander learns a sequence of up to 4 different IR commands (labeled PWR, REC, PLAY, and STOP) and up to 4 different motion sensor signals. You teach the IR commands by selecting the button on the VCR Commander II (UX23A) to learn for and then using the VCR remote control to emit that command to the VCR Commander II. Learning motion sensor codes is done in a similar manner. When the On command from the programmed X10 address is received, the VCR Commander II will issue the programmed IR sequence to the VCR through the IR emitter cable. More On commands (signals of further motion) within 5 minutes will be ignored. If no more On commands are seen within 5 minutes (no further motion), the VCR Commander II will issue the IR "Stop" command. After the "Stop" command is issued an On command will start the cycle over again. Because of this, it is recommended that you shouldn't use the "PWR" command as part of their record sequence, and should instead leave their VCR on all the time.