SS15A Slimline Switch Decorator Gold Insert- X10

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Touch the Luxury of the Popular Slimline Wireless Switch!

Have you ever wanted a light switch in a certain location, but didn't want to rip a hole in a wall and connect electrical wires? Now X10 has come to the rescue with the Gold Slimline wireless wall switch (SS15A)!

This super sleek, super thin and light weight, wireless remote wall switch adheres to any surface! Easy single push-button programming has your Slimline set for each button to control a different lamp or appliance!

Mount it anywhere to have the perfect wall switch right where you've always wanted -- no wiring!

Its micro-thin - only 7 millimeters thick - making it completely indistinguishable from an ordinary wall plate! So versatile you can use it anywhere!

This unit has an elegant gold inlay, PERFECT FOR THE HOLIDAYS!

Control Lighting Elsewhere in Your Home
Do you ever wake up hearing a noise in the house? Press a single button on the Slimline Wireless Switch and illuminate lights throughout your home, without leaving your bed. Make investigating the noise safer for you and your family.

Put One Where Your Work
Place a Slimline Wall Switch on your desk, inside a drawer or even on the side of your monitor.

Stick It Where Your Sleep
Place a Slimline Wall Switch on your bed's headboard and create a ""Going to Sleep"" macro to turn off lights in the hallway, living room and backyard. Its easy and very convenient.

Place One Where Your Enter
Ever entered a garage and wish you had a light switch near the garage door? Now you can without wiring. Also works great inside entry doors, sheds and more. What could be easier?

Easy to Install
The Slimline Wireless Switch is easy to install. It includes double sided tape to you can attach it to anywhere. Its the same size as a normal switch plate.

Battery operated and completely wireless.
Battery operated with a long range of 100-feet, this is the ideal controller for controlling 3 Macros in ActiveHome Pro, or 3 lamps and/or appliances by remote control. No removing of old switches, no fishing through walls, no need to turn the power off. Simply program by pushing buttons, peel the tape and stick it anywhere you want a switch.

Features For Optimal Flexibility
The top 3 switches control any of 256 X10 addresses. The bottom button is a dimmer control allowing you to dim or brighten the lamps controlled by the last button you pushed. Simply to program without any advanced knowledge required.

Note: This device requires an RF receiver or security system base station to transmit X10 signals wirelessly to other X10 control modules

X10��_Product No.: SS15A
Whats Included: (1) Slimline Wireless Switch��_
(1) 3V lithium battery
(1) Pack Label Inserts
Color: White and Gold

Note: This device requires an RF receiver or security system base station to transmit X10 signals wirelessly to other X10 control modules.