WS4777 Wall Switch Module 3-way - X10

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What is the WS4777 Wall Switch?
The WS4777 is a prepacked 3-way operable switch. The package comes with both a master switch and a secondary switch that fit within your homes existing toggle style switch plate covers. This switch is simple to install and will upgrade your switches to enable you to control them remotely or on a timer via X10's controllers.

This can be used in single operations as well. If you would like to have the option of adding a secondary switch at a later time, simple cap off the traveler wire and install in a single pole configuration. When you are ready, you can then run the traveler wire to your secondary switches location. These switches are simple, affordable and breeze to set up.

Do you need additional secondary switches? Perhaps you need a 4-way configuration? You can use the CS277 Secondary Switch for additional 4-way or more configurations.

What are the advantages of using the WS4777 3-Way Wall Switch?
The WS4777 comes with the following benefits:

  • Enables remote control of lighting by simply replacing your current switch.
  • 3-way design and fuinctionality at a fraction of the cost of other 3-way options.
  • Easy and simple installation.
  • 120 Day Manufacturers Warranty

What other products work with the WS477 Wall Switch?
If you want to control this switch remotely, check out our Controller Section.


X10 Controllers




X10 Product No.: WS4777
Whats Included: (1) X10 3-Way Wall Switch Module Set - White (WS4777)
Compatibility: Use with X10 compatible transmitter and any standard toggle trim plate (each sold separately).
Wattage Load: 60W to 500W
Compatible Load Type: Incandescent only
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