PLW02-I X10 Pro Wall Switch Module 3-way (Ivory)

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Upgrade your existing 3-way wall switch and have total control indoor and out!!

Automate your lights, remotely control them & make them dimmable!

Upgrade your existing 3-way wall switch to a Home Automation-enabled wall switch. This 3-way switch module set is perfect for automation of indoor/outdoor lights including front porch, patio, hallway, and stairway lights currently controlled by two or more switches.

Expanding your X10 system to include wired-in lights is a snap with these easy-to-use X10 light switches.

This wall switch will respond to the ALL LIGHTS ON/ALL UNITS OFF command, and you can dim the light from any X10 transmitter with DIM/BRIGHT control.

Just like the standard X10 wall switch, you can use the three-way wall switch with the Mini Timer, Mini Controller or Home Automation interface for automatic timed lighting control.

Item is the IVORY color model. Also available in white.


X10 Product No.: WS4777 / PLW02-I
Whats Included: (1) X10 3-Way Wall Switch Module Set - Ivory (PLW02-I)
Load Range: 60W to 500W
Compatible Load Type: Incandescent only
Color: Ivory
Product Manual

IMPORTANT NOTE: When two switches control the same light, it's called a three-way circuit. A three-switch system is a four-way circuit, etc. Each three-way circuit requires one master switch and one companion switch. For circuits with more than two switches, simply add additional companion switches for each additional switch.

The X10 wall switch can only be used with incandescent lights. All X10 compatible dimmer switches and modules rely on the conduction path through the incandescent bulb filament and will not work properly with other loads. For halogen or fluorescent, use an appliance switch.

Wall plates sold separately.