Smarthome BoosterLinc (Info Sheet)

Smarthome BoosterLinc™ Plug-In X10 Signal Booster 4827

Why You Need BoosterLinc™

As X10 signals are sent, they tend to go everywhere within a home, rather than directly to the intended receiver. Along the way, they get weakened by distance traveled and items connected to the powerline. Computer gear and home entertainment products (i.e. televisions) are the biggest signal absorbers. Additionally, every X10 transmitter (including 2-way modules) will absorb X10 signals. The bottom line is that by the time the commands get to the intended module, they sometimes do not have enough signal strength to trigger the desired action.

Does What Coupler-Repeaters Can't

BoosterLinc™ can also solve localized problems that whole-house coupler-repeaters can't handle. Although coupler-repeaters have been used in the past for increasing PLC/X10 signal strength for the whole house, they just can't offer any improvement when it comes to solving a signal strength problem at the end of a circuit. So even if your home has a coupler-repeater installed, your home automation system can still benefit from BoosterLincs.

Install as Many as Required

Before BoosterLinc™, if a 220V coupler/repeater didn't get a signal from a transmitter to a receiver there was no practical solution. With BoosterLinc™ Plug-In Signal Booster, 2 or more can be installed in the same home! We have reports of more than 8 being used successfully in extremely large installations. Many variables will dictate how many, if any, BoosterLincs™ will be required to ensure flawless system operation. The following formula is a suggested "rule of thumb":

Square Footage of home + # of X10 transmitters + # of X10 receivers

Plugs Into Any Standard 110V Outlet

Installation couldn't be easier. BoosterLinc™ plugs into any standard 110V 3-prong AC outlet. It also features a pass-through outlet on the front, so you can still plug in an additional device (pass-through outlet has no automation features). BoosterLinc™ also provides a small diagnostic LED that illuminates to let you know that the unit is powered; it even flickers when X10 signals are being amplified for easy troubleshooting. Multiple BoosterLincs™ can be installed in one home (we recommend one unit for every 1,000 feet of living space).

Supports 3-Phase Electrical Systems

While most electricity coming into single-family homes in North America is split-single phase, most apartments and condominiums usually get two lines of 3-phase power. BoosterLinc™ is able to amplify signals on both types of electrical systems. Additionally, it will detect incoming single-phase signals and re-generate signals for all three phases. A typical example might be a SwitchLinc 2-Way Dimmer that only transmits signals for split-single phase power. Without BoosterLinc™, when the SwitchLinc's™ single-phase signal gets coupled onto the other electrical line, it will be out of phase with the receivers and won't be detected. BoosterLinc™ Plug-In Signal Booster easily corrects this.

Fully compatible with PLC Bright & Dim Commands

With some coupler-repeaters, handling the special bright and dim signals gets tricky. Generally, for these signals to work, two dim or bright signals must be received within a few milliseconds of each other. When a coupler-repeater is used, the signals may appear to be separated by the receiving module. The result: Repeated dim or bright signals may cause the receiving module to slowly change the dim level. Since BoosterLinc™ is a real-time amplifier, there are no delays with bright and dim commands.

Auto Disable When Electrical Noise is Detected

BoosterLinc™ is smart enough to not amplify electrical noise. If BoosterLinc™ does detect electrical noise, it will shut down amplification. The diagnostic LED will turn off and occasionally blink to indicate the presence of electrical noise. Once the noise stops, amplification immediately resumes.

How Does BoosterLinc™ Work?

BoosterLinc™ Plug-In Signal Booster immediately recognizes every "bit" of X10 signal on the powerline, synchs up with the transmitter and co-generates a transmission, in real-time until the end of that bit's transmission. Traditional coupler/repeaters wait until a complete X10 frame/command is received and then co-generate the entire command while the original transmitter sends its 2nd (redundant) frame/signal.

Details & Specifications

BoosterLinc™ plugs into any 120-volt 3-prong (with ground) AC outlet and comes in a white finish.