MAX Home Automation Complete System

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Packaged Deal Price: $134.99

3 x AM486 Appliance Module 2-Pin Polarized   +$0.00
3 x LM465 Lamp Module   +$0.00
1 x TM751 Wireless Transceiver Module   +$0.00
1 x SS13A Slimline Switch Decorator White   +$0.00
2 x WS467 Wall Switch Module   +$0.00

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Packaged Deal Price: $134.99



Brace yourselves, X10 Home Automation fanatics ...

We've absolutely MAXED this kit out!

That means you get as much X10 Home Automation gear as we are allowed to put into one package at this price!

You get a Complete System, with Remotes, Modules, and Incandescent Wall Switches. Wow!

You get three dimmable Lamp Modules, so you can take instant control of your favorite lamps, and adjust the lighting to the perfect level. They're perfect for your bedroom, living room and reading lamps!

You get three 2-Pin Appliance Modules, which let you take control of your radios, fans, lamps, electric decorative lights, popcorn poppers.

You get one Slimline Wireless Wall Switch. Peel-n-stick them anywhere in your home for wireless control of lights and appliances. The Wireless Transceiver is also included. It receives the wireless signal from the Slimline switch and turns it into an X10 signal. With the inlcuded transceiver, you can now ad as many wireless controllers as you want!

You even get two X10 Wall Switches, which let you control your overhead lights by remote! They are dimmable, too! Oh, and they're totally easy to set up - just replace your existing switches!

Don't wait, this one won't last forever...

What's Included:

3 x LM465 Lamp Modules
3 x AM486 2 Pin Appliance Modules
2 x WS467 Dimmable Incandescent Wall Switches
1 x SS13A Slimline Wireless Wall Switch
1 x TM751 Wireless Transceiver