3 Pack XPS3 20amp Relay Wall Switch

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3 PACK XPS3 Relay switch.

Integrate you large, wired-in appliances and or flourescent and CFL bulbs/fixtures into your home X10 system with the XPS3 X10 Pro Decorator Wall Switch Module. Replace your standard wall switch for complete local and remote X10 control of heaters, air conditioners, pool equipment and other high-power devices, as well as incandescent and non-incandescent light bulbs. The XPS3 Pro Switch can be used in 3-way and 4-way applications with the addition of one or more XPSS Companion Switch, and it can be paired with your current switch plate or one available at any local hardware or big box store.

Consumers should be aware that the XPS3 X10 Decorator Wall Switch Module responds to the All Lights On command, and care should be taken when they control large appliances.


X10 Product No.: XPS3
Whats Included: (3) X-10 20-Amp Relay Decorator Wall Switch XPS3
(3) Set Interchangeable White/Ivory Paddle Switch Covers
Compatibility: 20-amp devices at 120V, control up to 2,400 watts
Connection Requirement: Neutral Wire
Product Manual

For single-pole applications, leave the "control" terminal unconnected.

Because these switches respond to ALL LIGHTS ON, use care when controlling non-lamp loads. Use an X10 appliance module or wall receptacle if you don't want your device to respond to that command.