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Packaged Deal Price: $67.99



15% Off X10 Lamp Modules? Yes you are reading correctly, we are giving you 15% Off of one of our top selling modules which is a very, very rare occurance to say the least. I wouldn't wait on this one, I can't guarantee this 4-pack will be available much longer than you are reading this...

Remote control of your home's lamps has never been easier! Simply plug the lamp into the X10 Powerhouse Lamp Module, then plug it into an outlet, and now you can turn the light on or off, or dim and brighten it, from any X10 controller in the house.

Here's just a few of the things you can do:

Want to turn the houselights on or off from inside your car? It's easy as ever with a keychain remote!

Forgot to turn off the living room lights before climbing into bed? Turn them off from your nightstand with a desktop X10 controller!

Protect your home from burglars by having all lights automatically turn on before life threatening situations develop with an X10 motion sensor

You can also control lights from your PC, even voice-activated X10 controllers. All communication is sent over existing wiring in the home — no new wiring required!

X10 Product No.: LM465
Whats Included: (1) X10 Lamp Module
Compatibility: Incandescent Only
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