X10 CR14A ScanPad Ninja Pan Tilt Remote Control

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This is the X-10 CR14A Ninja ScanPad remote control for use with the Ninja Pan and Tilt camera base. Can be used with just one camera or to switch views between up to four X10 video cameras. Multiple cameras require a transceiver module to use the remotes abilty to turn the cameras on and off. In short, when you select 1 of the cameras, it's automatically turned on while the other 3 are turned off. You can progam up to 4 positions for each camera. Press one button and then the camera will automatically go to that position. You can "reset" the cameras to the center position. Also allows you to automatically sweep thru all four of the stored camera positions.

Can be used for controlling X10 modules in a very limited way. By pressing the C1 to C4 buttons, you can turn on unit codes 1 to 4. But you can't turn them off and there is no dimming with this remote. Some keys will randomly and without reason, cause unpredictable modules to turn on. So I would not recommend this remote at all for controlling X10 home automation modules. It is strictly for use with the X10 cameras.