AM14A Two-way Appliance Module (2 Pin) - X10

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Check the On/Off Status of Your Appliances & Control The From Your Computer!

These deluxe 2-way modules plug into any 2-prong AC outlet to provide all the powerful capabilities of standard X10 Appliance Modules and also feature Status Request response functions.

Now you can easily and automatically find out which of your X10-controlled appliances are turned on and which are turned off through your X10-compatible computer interface like ActiveHome Professional software.

In addition to giving you the power to check modules to determine their on/off status, you can also verfify if the command was carried out right from your computer which can then automatically re-send the command if it was not received the first time.

The X10 Two-way Appliance Module Saves You Money!

Since these great modules respond to X10 signals at half the signal strength used by standard X10 Appliance Modules, they drastically reduce the need for signal couplers and repeaters in your X10 automation system, saving you big time as you expand your X10 installation.