HD245 Heavy Duty 20-Amp Appliance Module

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Instant ON/OFF Remote Control for Your Heavy-Duty Appliances

With the X10 Heavy Duty Appliance Module (HD245) you can now easily automate air conditioner, hot water heaters, spas, dryers & other 220V appliances

Just like standard 110V appliance modules, these heavy-duty modules give you the power to remotely control 220V appliances with any X10 controller, timer, phone transponder or computer interface.

With X10, the possibilities are limitless:

Save energy and save on untility bills by automating your air conditioner to turn off after you leave the house then switch back on before you get back.

Automating heavy-duty appliances like these is a snap with incredible X10 module!


X10 Product No.: HD245
Whats Included: (1) X10 Heavy Duty 220V Appliance Module
Power Load: 220V appliances rated at 20A or less
Product Manual

These modules are designed for single split-phase 110/220V or 120/240V systems only.

They will not work on three-phase electrical systems commonly found in some industrial locations and apartments so be sure to check your electrical system before purchasing.

Note: 15 and 20 amp appliances have different prong configurations.


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